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    A bit about us

    Flat Harry's mission is to be the best local bike shop in the Thames Valley area, our customer base is broad, attracting cyclists from all the towns and villages around Cookham; in a radius around us that passes through Lane End, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield, onto the Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross, Uxbridge, Windsor and Eton, through Taplow, Maidenhead, Bray and Holyport, and over to Marlow and Henley, our customers are happy to travel to find us, knowing we cater for every and any cyclist. We're mad about cycling and love it when anyone shares our enthusiasm, be they an aspiring fan of the sport, a tech hungry hard rider spinning their best speed machine, a thrill hungry mud lover, a hardened commuter battling the traffic, or a leisurely rider on a modest budget looking to have fun and relax on their bike.

    Whether it's serving coffee and flapjack on the mid-ride break, fixing your tusty steed, performing a bike-fitting or providing you with the right gear for your ride, we do it all and a lot more at Flat Harry's. We are proudly independent and thus only stock parts and brands that we are passionately proud of, and believe are the most suited for cyclists coping with the flint strewn roads and trails in our area.

    Our obsessive temperament, collective knowledge, engineering expertise, focus on quality and debunking of fads are what distinguish our shop, and make our customers return time and time again. Building trusting long term relationships with our customers is really important to us. Simply put, we want to be the place you trust above all others to do the right thing for you. Some folk might try and take advantage of our good nature, but we believe what goes around comes around and we want you to value our approach.

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  • How to buy

     At Flat Harry's our ultimate aim is always to meet you in person so we can listen to your questions and aspirations, and deliver the best service possible for you, by getting to know and understand you. This is why we are a bricks and mortar bike shop and not an internet based warehouse. We love the internet as you can find all sorts of brilliant information and we are very proud of the website we've put together, enabling us to share our store, products and our insights, but nothing beats a chat in person, to establish what you're really after. As such this website is best seen as a shop window, with a click and collect functionality for those confident in knowing what they are ordering. There are many ways to make purchases in store with Flat Harry's. The rest of this “How To Buy” section will breakdown and explain how to purchase both through click and collect and in store.


    Click & Collect

    To Order something through click and collect, find the item you would like to order and add it to your basket. Proceed to the checkout and go through the steps to place an order. If you are a pre-existing flat Harry's customer, with an email address registered with the store, please use the same email address when ether making an account, or checking out as a guest. Doing this means our till system will recognise you by your email and automatically assign your purchase to your customer account on our till keeping things simple and avoiding confusion. As a bonus if you do make an account, you can look through past purchases and link your customer rewards account, to keep track of your points earned. After placing an order it's a simple as coming into the store to pay and collect. We operate a 'pay on collection' only system, so even if you were confident in ordering something, but it turned out to be the wrong item, we can resolve this in person when you come to collect. When something is ordered to be collected through this website we'll take it out of stock and hold it for you, until you're free to come down and collect it in person. Usually this means collect within 2 days, but we will happily receive calls asking us to extend that. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about how this click and collect system works.

    In Store

    At Flat Harry's you can pay by cash, debit and credit card and Cyclescheme vouchers (for appropriate purchases). We can also dispense gift vouchers, if specifically requested. We accept all Visa and Mastercards.


    Customer Rewards

    Our Customer Rewards system is our way of giving our customers ongoing rewards for their custom. We value your custom and we know everyone loves getting some stuff for free, so we introduced Customer Rewards Points for you to accumulate free credit to spend as you wish in our store.

    It is often that our customers pop in to buy an essential puncture repair kit or some mid-ride nutrition, and they walk out without having to pay a penny, since they had enough funds on their customer rewards account to pay for the goods.

    Whilst some people love to save up their rewards to buy a special upgrade for themselves at the end of the year, such as getting that special new helmet or pair of wheels; you can spend you rewards on anything in store, including one of our delicious coffees.

    Most items online and in-store give you benefit in the form of Customer Rewards points. The value of the reward is item dependent and ranges from 3 to 5%. These points are generated at the end of each sale and are redeemable in-store on subsequent purchases.

    Please be aware that Sale Items, discounted items and purchases made on Finance or using Cycle to work schemes do not qualify for Reward Points.Customer Rewards Points expire 24 months from the date of your purchase.

    Cycle To Work

    Cycle to Work schemes are a fantastic way to purchase yourself a bike. The Government incentivises employees to cycle to work, buy allowing you to pay for the bike from your pre-tax earnings, and to spread the cost over many months (typically 12 or 18 months) - this means that for most of our customers they are able to save the same as their tax rate. If you are a 40% tax payer, then that's the sort of percentage saving you can make (there are various variables that make exact numbers impossible to give, as it differs on your personal tax codes and the way your employers have setup the scheme)

    We work with a few cycle to work schemes, the main one being Cycle2Work ( www.cyclescheme.co.uk ), as well as, Bike2Work ( www.bike2workscheme.co.uk ) and Cycle Solutions ( www.cyclesolutions.co.uk )

    all the schemes require your employer to set it up, and you apply to join the scheme as part of your employment contract/HR service offering.

    The process is a little convoluted in some corporations, but others manage to keep it simple. In our experience, having worked with quite a number of customers the general process goes something like this:-

    - Your HR offer Cycle To Work schemes as an option as part of your annual rewards package.

    - You need to opt-in for Cycle To Work schemes as part of your rewards package choices.

    - You select a value of the package you want to buy. Typically most companies limit this to £1000. Some companies allow upwards of £3000, it depends on if they have a consumer credit licence, most don’t!

    - Come to us and we will help you chose the package (typically this includes a bike, a helmet, some lights and a lock, but it depends on what you feel you need to commute to work on, and we like being creative in that regard)

    - We will price up your chosen package and send you a quote with product names and prices.

    - You will receive a link to your Cycle To Work scheme's online system where you chose the supplier (Flat Harry’s) and enter details of the bike package you are requesting.

    - Your Finance/HR team will approve your request, and at that point they pay the cycle scheme admin company for it up front.

    - Once it’s been approved and the scheme has received payment from your employer, you will receive an email that contains a uniquely coded certificate.

    - You send/give us the certificate and we order/build up your bike/package.

    - Once we have everything built and ready for you, you will receive an email confirming this and be able to come collect the bike/package.

    - We will set you up on the bike, ensuring the bike is optimally setup for you (i.e. undertake a Bike Fitting) - and off you go.

    Just to help set expectations, most people find that purchasing a bike through a cycle to work scheme typically takes 3 or more (some take 8) weeks, from beginning to end. Some agile employers can expedite this process in little over a week, it all comes down to how your HR and Finance departments deals with Cycle To Work requests. Usually the employer payment to the scheme administrator is the delay, so unless you have a direct line to your employers head of finance, don’t be surprised if it is a full calendar month before you receive your certificate.

    In the mean time, we are happy to help you refine your choices.


    Flat Harry’s is a local bike shop, and not a big financing bank, thus we won’t be able to provide you with the best financial deals possible, but we can always offer some options, and happily advise on your best way to finance your investment.

    If you are looking to finance your purchase through credit, then most bike shops like to offer customers an easy to apply for credit payment plan, which is funded by banks such as V12finance or similar. So far this isn’t a service I am offering, as having looked into the options for you obtaining credit, the best deals for you is to apply for a credit card with 0% interest on purchases. There are many available, it just takes you a little time to scour the market and apply, and these deals are by far the cheapest way to fund your big purchases.

    When building a custom bike, we typically allow customers to pay in instalments, but this is dependant on us sitting down and understanding your needs in person, so do ask if this is of interest.

    Stock & Availability

    We are working with limited space and will not always have everything that we display on the website in stock, and often items on this website will show as being out of stock (this is especially the case for bikes due to the range of sizes and colours available). If you wish to purchase an item on the website that is not currently in stock, we are able to order these items in for you and confirm an expected date for availability. To order items not already in stock we simply require a suitable deposit and a few contact details. We try our hardest to only list items on this site that are either in stock with us, or available for us to order from one of our suppliers. For example, if you see a bike from last year listed as “Out of stock” or “Special Order” (both essentially mean the same), there's a good possibility that the supplier still has stock in certain sizes. Any products that are discontinued by a supplier without back stock will be removed as soon as we notice they're no longer available. If you have any enquiries about stock or availability it's always good to get in touch and we'll get on it for you.