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Whyte - “The true definition of freedom is that you can do what you want when you want. At Whyte that means a bike designed to work at its best whenever you need it to and whatever the weather.”

Whyte have been designing mountain bikes since 1999 and across the years they've engineered some brilliant bikes, with their 2018 crop of bikes maintaining this high standard. Whyte are very proud to be British and do the vast majority of their testing in British conditions, meaning their bikes are ideal for everything the British climate and conditions will throw at you. Renowned for robustness and high quality engineering, Whytes range of bikes can be relied upon for many different types of riding. Their durable road bikes can be ridden with confidence in all British weather conditions, delivering great performance on roads and having the ability to ride off-road too. Similarly Whyte's mountain bikes are perfectly designed to cope with the wet and muddy British trails, providing reassuring stability and control, all thanks to Whyte's various innovations.

Whyte's current selection of mountain bikes all benefit from Whyte's highly individual approach to mountain bike geometry. Whyte want to see their riders go faster, with more confidence off-road than others. To achieve speed inspiring stability, Whyte push the front wheel out on their mountain bikes's whilst also slackening their headtube angles, helping the front end of the bike absorb bumps and obstacles without disrupting the rest of the bike for improved stability and control, keeping you on tack when riding. Whyte combine this front end geometry with a super short stem and extra wide handlebars to make sure that you don't compromise on close control of the front wheel. Whyte also design their bikes to have a low centre of gravity to provide further stability and traction, particularly useful in the slippy condition often prevalent in Britain. The rear wheel of their mountain bikes is tucked in relatively close to the seat tube for sharp rear handling, so you still have the agility to whip it around tight bends. Whyte's mountain bike geometry delivers a wonderful blend of confidence instilling stability and tight control, for an awesome off-road experience.

It's not just geometry that makes Whyte mountain bikes so special. On the full suspension bikes Whyte develop their own linkage systems and design custom set ups for the rear shocks fitted to their bikes, meaning the bike was designed as a whole, as opposed to being some top suspension components just thrown together. Whyte use a series of weatherproofing measures with these linkage bearings, such as using extra layers of grease and super-tough anodised bearing caps that will outlast those of other brands, for theoretically never-ending top quality performance. Should these bearings fail they are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty so you will never have to pay to replace them. Other weatherproofing features include fully sealed internal cable routing, which is kept manageable when it comes to servicing via Whyte's BBX and DOX routing features.

Whyte's have also helped to pioneer the switch to single chain ring (SCR) mountain bikes through their partnership with SRAM. Whyte's SCR MTB's are lighter and less complex than their multiple chain ring predecessors, whilst still providing an ample range of gears due to advances in cassette and rear derailleur technology. In 2018 12 speed SCR bikes are available throughout Whyte's range and not just on the top-end models thank to SRAM's release of their GX Eagle groupset. Whyte are always looking to develop and strengthen their already brilliant designs and this non-stop innovation is what consistently keeps them as Flat Harry's favourite mountain bike manufacturer.

Whyte's more recent foray into the world of road, gravel and commuter (referred to here as RG&C for brevity) bikes shows similar qualities of ingenuity and robustness. Utilising their pedigree with mountain bikes, Whyte produce RG&C bikes that are designed to be able to cope whatever the weather. The geometry of Whyte's RG&C bikes has ancestry with their mountain bikes too, adopting a similar front wheel out philosophy for improved stability and comfort. Whyte produce a range of aluminium and carbon fibre road bikes with a wide range of components, meaning they have something for everyone's need at an inclusive range of prices. Always proud of their British routes their range of RG&C bikes are actually named after British counties and cities, which whilst confusing for cataloguing, means they all have their own little character and charm. A solid addition to Whyte's range of award winning mountain bikes, the RG&C bikes have started to claims some awards themselves showing that Whyte just can't help but produce great bikes, whether its on or off-road.