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    Flat Harry's mission is to be the best local bike shop in the Thames Valley area, our customer base is broad, attracting cyclists from all the towns and villages around Cookham; in a radius around us that passes through Lane End, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield, onto the Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross, Uxbridge, Windsor and Eton, through Taplow, Maidenhead, Bray and Holyport, and over to Marlow and Henley, our customers are happy to travel to find us, knowing we cater for every and any cyclist. We're mad about cycling and love it when anyone shares our enthusiasm, be they an aspiring fan of the sport, a tech hungry hard rider spinning their best speed machine, a thrill hungry mud lover, a hardened commuter battling the traffic, or a leisurely rider on a modest budget looking to have fun and relax on their bike.

    Whether it's serving coffee and flapjack on the mid-ride break, fixing your tusty steed, performing a bike-fitting or providing you with the right gear for your ride, we do it all and a lot more at Flat Harry's. We are proudly independent and thus only stock parts and brands that we are passionately proud of, and believe are the most suited for cyclists coping with the flint strewn roads and trails in our area.

    Our obsessive temperament, collective knowledge, engineering expertise, focus on quality and debunking of fads are what distinguish our shop, and make our customers return time and time again. Building trusting long term relationships with our customers is really important to us. Simply put, we want to be the place you trust above all others to do the right thing for you. Some folk might try and take advantage of our good nature, but we believe what goes around comes around and we want you to value our approach.

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  • Fizik


    Fi'zi:k define themselves as a racing brand. Specialising in contact points with the bike, Fi'zi:k began with designing and manufacturing high performance saddles and now produce a huge range of products including shoes, bar tape and finishing kit components, as well as much more. Fi'zi:k set themselves apart from the crowd with their aesthetically pleasing style and their unique approach to understanding how humans interact with their bicycles.

    They call their unique approach to saddle fitting the Spine Concept Evo. Fi'zi:k assess the flexibility and pelvic rotation of a rider against their average power output and size in order to gauge what kind of support they need most on a bike. The Aliante is designed for less flexible riders who require more lower back support. The Arione is designed for the most flexible riders who need the freedom of movement to get down over the handlebars on their bike. The Antares sits in between the two for riders of moderate flexibility. The saddles are available in either regular for riders with proportionally higher power outputs and large for riders with proportionally lower power outputs. It's not always a direct match based on these criteria but they are an excellent starting point and have resulted in many a happy customer, including Aliante rider Miles and Arione rider Cris at the store. Test saddles are available to be tried to help you hone in on your ideal match. Fi'zi:k's range of Luce women's saddles means the optimal fit and comfort and performance and of Fi'zi:k saddles isn't limited to just men. New for 2018 Fi'zi:k have launched a range of saddles with grooves and cut-outs to help accommodate riders wit specific requirements, making sure their range is as inclusive as possible.

    Not just concerned with the human spine Fi'zi:k have a wide range of products including their highly rated cycling shoes. With a great range catering to everyone from road riders to trail shredders and professional riders in both disciplines, there's pretty much a Fi'zi:k shoe for everyone. Providing a great feeling of connectedness and efficient power transfer they can make a real difference to your riding, with their comfort never in doubt. Fi'zi:k's finishing kit is of the highest quality and is perhaps some of the most cool and sleek stuff we stock. Their bar tape comes in a great range of colours and feels and is somewhat less subtle than the rest of their range, but that's half the point of good bar tape! The contact point kings, Fi'zi:k have a huge range of superb products, that we're very happy to stock here at Flat Harry's.

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