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Tacx began in the Netherlands as a bicycle sales and repair shop in 1957. From these humble origins, Tacx moved towards manufacturing, with the bike shop being replaced by a small factory in a business park in 1969. In 1972 Tacx began manufacturing roller cylinders to appeal to the market of Dutch pro riders. It was around year 2000 when Tacx had the breakthrough to developing interactive trainers, connecting computer electronics to bike trainers to give readouts for speed, power, cadence and heart rate changing how everyone, including pros were training.

Trainers with interactive two way control and communication can both send ride metrics to a computer and also receive information and instruction from a computer, meaning that Tacx trainers can simulate realistic rides. In 2014 Tacx made another leap releasing a series of smart trainers that can communicate via Ant+ and Bluetooth with Tacx software and other apps on enabled devices such as compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops. Now your ride metrics can be sent straight to these devices and they can communicate with your trainer in turn, meaning a lot of people can enjoy an immersive and worthwhile training session with a compatible tablet mounted on their handlebars and software such as Zwift. At Flat Harry's we keep a choice selection of Tacx smart trainers and accessories in stock, but the entire range can be ordered through our store. Now with products as sophisticated as the direct drive Neo smart trainer, Tacx have created hardware capable of delivering incredibly accurate ride metrics, as well as doing an outstanding job of recreating realistic ride feel, with the Neo even able to simulate different types of road surface.

Not just responsible for making some of the worlds best smart trainers, Tacx provide a series of accessories to help riders fully utilise what these trainers have to offer, as well as a series of accessories for peoples bikes. Tacx also produce excellent rollers to help riders who want to focus on the efficiency of their pedalling. Even if you're allergic to rain, Tacx make sure you can always be on your bike, one way or another.